Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals

It has never been easier for foreigners to get life insurance from U.S. insurance companies rated A +.

Life insurance in U.S. dollars

Life insurance with five interest crediting S&P accounts

In the early 1980, I was part of a group of brokers the asked one the largest insurance company in the United States in term of volume of life insurance sold, to open the international market and allow us to sell Life Insurance for foreign nationals, the president of the company apologized saying he received a phone call that forced him to withdraw from our meeting, later we learned that in reality he left the meeting because what we were proposing was totally out of question. We continued our efforts and a few years later, the insurance company did grant our request and established a foreign national program, but under strict underwriting guidelines and coverage limits.

Fortunately today things are very different, it is very safe to say that virtually all the top insurance companies in the United States do offer U.S. Life Insurance to Foreign Nationals, under much more flexible and expanded underwriting requirements. Depending on the country of residence, individuals can qualify for up to best rate class.

Foreign nationals can obtain U.S. life insurance as long as there is a U.S. connection to justify the need for coverage. Foreign nationals with businesses, investments, real estate, and other assets located in the United States qualify for a U.S. life insurance policy.

Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals

In terms of product selection and options, we can offer all types of life insurance to foreigners:
• Whole Life
• Universal Life
• Variable Life
• Term Insurance
• Annuities
• Pension Plans
• College Saving Plans, Etc.

I have nearly 40 years working the foreign national and high net worth insurance markets, this experience especially with large premium cases, enables us to help our clients find the necessary insurance coverage at the most competitive rates.

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