Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. Furthermore, a final expense policy is a great option for protecting loved ones from the financial burden of burial expenses. Even though, the subject of preparing for death is somewhat uncomfortable. The idea of leaving your family with a bill during their time of grief should be just as unsettling.

Burial Expense Insurance, Final Expenses

“Don’t leave your family with funeral bills, leave them with money to cover those expenses and much more”

The options are simple, either you leave $17- $60 thousand dollars set aside for funeral expenses or apply for a final expense policy and gift yourself the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are protected. A final expense policy provides a lump sump payment to your beneficiary at the time the insured passes.

Final Expense Insurance Benefits

  • Funeral home and services
  • Transfer of remains 
  • Embalming and Preparations
  • Burial Casket 
  • Cemetery/Burial plot
  • End of Life Healthcare Expenses
  • Legal and Tax Costs
  • Unpaid Debt (credit cards, personal loans etc.)

More importantly, final expense insurance is considered very affordable compared to the standard term or permanent life insurance policy. With No Medical Exam Required and quick application processing, final expense life insurance is a valuable insurance option for families conscious of life’s natural cycle.

Let’s consider the following case as an example. Martha, a 67 year old grandmother who suffered a fatal heart attack last year on her way back from visiting her family in Florida. Fortunately she applied for a $75K final expense policy after her 54th birthday which provided her family with a lump sum payment called a death benefit to cover her funeral expenses and her grand daughters collage tuition. “Way to go Granny”

Did you know the “Death Benefit” paid from a life insurance policy is tax free!

In conclusion, having the right life insurance coverage is essential for providing financial security to the people who matter most. A final expense policy is specific for individuals interested in life insurance without the medical exams and affordable premiums. For more information please contact us at or call us at (1-866-318-7940)