Final Expense Life Insurance

Easy Approval Process. No Medical Exams Required. Affordable Protection.

Burial and funeral costs can become very expensive and put a financial burden on your family. A final expense insurance policy will relieve your loved ones from the responsibility of having to pay for these costs out of pocket during such an emotional and stressful time. 

Final expense life insurance does not require a medical exam and the majority of these policies are guaranteed issue, which means you cannot be turned down due to pre-existing medical conditions. 

Final expense life insurance is a viable solution for individuals, who have been previously denied coverage due to medical reasons. 

Who Can Qualify?

 Individuals ages 50-85. 

What Does Final Expense Life Insurance Cover?

Final expense life insurance does not only pay for funeral and other related expenses. It can also cover other financial obligations that if not taken care of can become the responsibility of your heirs.

  • Funeral home and services
  • Transfer of remains 
  • Embalming and Preparations
  • Burial Casket 
  • Cemetery/Burial plot
  • End of Life Healthcare Expenses
  • Legal and Tax Costs
  • Unpaid Debt (credit cards, personal loans etc.)

Advantages of Final Expense Life Insurance

  • Quick and Easy Approval 
  • Guaranteed Issue Policies 
  • No Waiting Periods
  • Premiums Do Not Increase Due to Age
  • No medical exams needed to qualify
  • Coverage cannot be cancelled as long as you pay the premium