Index Universal Life Insurance

Flexible Premiums. Adjustable Death Benefits. And Stock Market Returns

Index Universal Life Potential for Growth

A type of universal life which offers great potential for cash value growth are index universal life policies. Index ULs tie policy performance to stock market indices such as the S&P 500, Hang Seng, and Euro Stoxx. These policies allow the policy owner to benefit from the upside potential of the stock markets without any of the negative returns. It is an excellent option for individuals looking to combine low cost lifetime coverage with high cash value accumulation.

Index ULs Cap Rate vs. Participation Rate

Index universal life provides an opportunity for higher cash value growth through index accounts, which are set by the insurance company. Each index account has a maximum cap rate or participation rate which determines how much of the underlying index’s performance is earned by the policy. While the policy values are limited by the cap or participation rates; index UL’s also provide protection from volatility in the market by guaranteeing a minimum interest rate regardless of negative index performance. This ensures that any growth built in the policy is not wiped out by one bad year.

Index universal life insurance are premium flexible, which means an annual premium is not required to maintain the policy inforce. As long as there is enough cash value to cover the policy, administrative, and insurance costs it will not lapse. Combine this flexibility with the cash value growth potential of an index UL policy, the coverage can remain inforce for several years without additional premium.

Index universal life are more complex than standard UL policies, it is important to understand how each policy component can affect policy values and coverage. Please contact us for more information.

No Lapse Guaranteed Universal Life (GULs)

Guaranteed Premiums. Guaranteed Years. Guaranteed Lifetime Death Benefit

No lapse guaranteed universal life is a type of universal life contract that fully guarantees the death benefit, premium, and the premium years. The coverage is guaranteed not to lapse or stop as long as the annual premium is paid in full and on time for the number of years illustrated. In contrast to other universal life policies that remain inforce as long as there is cash value, the no lapse guarantee feature enables the coverage to continue even if there is no cash value left in the policy.

A GUL life insurance policy is pretty straight forward, you pay a specified premium for a specified number of years and your coverage will remain inforce for life. There is no worry of your coverage being affected to due a change in the policy interest rate, adverse index performance, or unexpected change in the company’s dividend scale. However, since these are fully guaranteed life insurance contracts in every sense of the word, the premiums are generally much higher than any other type of policy. Please contact us for more information and speak to an experienced life insurance agent.

It is important to research a prospective company’s financial rating, historical dividend record, and current financial stability before purchasing a life insurance policy. Please contact us and speak to one of our experienced life agents about what life insurance policy is right for you.