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  • Compare and Buy Travel Insurance Online

    Travel Insurance made easy. Compare from some of the major insurance carriers and buy online with confidence, whether you are going on an important business trip, family vacation, or need to fulfill a travel visa requirement we will help you find the right plan.

  • Flight Accident, Accidental Death Insurance

    Flight Accident Insurance provides essential travel protection, covering you against an accident while traveling as a passenger on a commercially licensed flight. The primary focus of an air flight accident plan is to protect your family and loved ones in the event of your death.

  • International Traveler requiring a Travel Visa?

    If you are traveling abroad and have been required to purchase travel medical insurance to secure your travel visa (Schengen Visa), no problem....we can help you find a policy that meets all coverage requirements along with the necessary documentation required by the foreign consulates.

  • Cancel for Any Reason and Cancel for Work/Business Benefits

    The Cancel for Any Reason benefit allows you to cancel your trip without a covered reason and the Cancel for Work Reasons includes cancellation in the event of a work or business emergency.

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Travel Tips & Highlights Some Coverage to consider for your next trip

Cancel For Any Reason

The Cancel for Any Reason is an excellent enhancement to your trip cancellation coverage. No longer do you need a "covered" reason to cancel your trip.

Schengan Visa Insurance

Schengan visa insurance is designed to meet the requirements of the Schengan visa which allows NO-US citizen to travel to 15 Schengan member countries in Europe.

Bad Weather Coverage

Every year thousands of people deal with the stress and frustation of trip delays, reschedules and cancellations due to Mother Nature.

Financial Default Coverage

Don't be stuck with a ticket and no place to go, with the recent wave of airline bankruptcies, travelers need to be cautious and protect thier trip investment