Natural Disaster / Bad Weather Coverage Don’t let a hurricane or bad weather ruin Your Trip

Every year thousands of people deal with the stress and frustration of trip delays, reschedules, and cancellations due to Mother Nature. Severe weather can ruin months of planning and anticipation resulting in lost travel expenses, many of which could have been covered by a simple travel insurance policy. This is one benefit that should always be considered, especially if traveling during the Atlantic Hurricane Season (June – November). Bad weather can cause a variety of problems; the right policy can cover against:

  • Your home being damaged or made uninhabitable due to a fire, flood, or natural disaster
  • Your travel accommodations are ravaged by adverse weather or natural disaster.
  • A mandatory evacuation is issued due to severe weather cutting your trip short.
  • Your workplace sustains damage or made uninhabitable by a storm or natural disaster
  • Your airline or cruise line ceases operations due to inclement or bad weather conditions.

You’re even covered for any additional expenses you incur if your trip is delayed due to weather conditions for upwards of six (6) hours or more with the Travel Delay benefit. One very important note is that you must always purchase coverage before a tropical storm or hurricane is named in order to be eligible.

  • When planning your trip take be aware of any possible or named storms.
  • Be aware of past storm trends and your destinations likelihood to be affected by a storm or hurricane.
  • Call your travel agent, hotel or tour operator to discuss what emergency plans are in place. Make sure you are comfortable with the arrangements.
  • Consider a travel insurance plan with natural disaster coverage as part of its covered reasons for trip cancellation or interruption

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