Cancel for Any Reason Benefit Travel insurance is more flexible than ever!

Introducing the Cancel for Any Reason Benefit

The Cancel for Any Reason benefit is an excellent enhancement to your trip cancellation coverage. No longer do you need a “covered’ reason to cancel your trip. This popular benefit provides reimbursement for pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs in the form of a cash refund.

Standard trip cancellation plans already provide essential protection against unexpected events which may cause you to cancel your trip. But sometimes things come up that are not necessarily considered to be unforeseen emergencies but do require our attention, especially if the trip was planned months in advance.

  • Your child’s school play or graduation,
  • A surprise addition to the family,
  • Personal or family issue,
  • Or you just simply changed your mind about the trip

These are just some common examples of what life throws at you. The Cancel for Any Reason benefit can allow you to make any changes in your plans without having to forfeit any travel expenses already paid.

To be eligible for Cancel for Any Reason benefits certain policy conditions apply. The plan must be purchased within a certain time of your initial trip deposit or final trip payment (varies by company) and you must cancel the trip before your departure date (usually 2 days prior).