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Below is a list of all the travel insurance coverages to help you understand the different type of plans available. AtlasAssist features worldwide travel insurance plans from the top travel insurance providers. Every insurance plan is designed to cover numerous unforeseen events, from all inclusive worldwide travel coverage, medical evacuation only policies to trip cancellation insurance.

Learn more about all our worldwide travel insurance products by clicking on the particular category link. Here you will find detailed information on the travel providers and their plans. Find out what is covered and which plan offers the best mix of benefits to fit your need.

If you are need insurance to fulfill a travel visa requirement? Looking for multi-trip year round coverage? Or are you a student studying abroad? Find the right plan to meet these needs and more. Contact us to have a travel insurance specialist guide you on selecting the right coverage for you.

Comprehensive Travel Package (Per trip)

These policies offer a full range of benefits & coverages designed to provide the most complete travel protection on a per trip basis.

Most offer upgrades and optional coverage enhancements (varies by company) such as Identity Theft, Rental Car Collision, Pre-Existing Condition Waiver, Concierge Services and Cancel for Any Reason/Work Reasons benefits. Some even include free coverage for children.

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Travel Medical Coverage (per Trip)

Designed to provide international medical coverage up to one year on a per trip basis. Even if you already have comprehensive medical insurance, it may not cover you outside your home country. These policies can cover you against an unexpected illness, injury, or accident while traveling abroad and help cover those out of pocket expenses.

If you are mainly interested in purchasing basic medical coverage while on your trip, these plans may be the solution.

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Medical Evacuation Coverage (per trip)

In the event that you become seriously ill or injured while traveling and need to be medically transported to the nearest medical care facility or hospital or choice, medical evacuation plans will protect you and your family against such an emergency. Repatriation of remains may also be covered under these plans.

Enjoy your travels and know you are covered anywhere in the world.

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Multi-trip Travel Insurance (Annual)

These Travel Medical plans are ideal for the frequent or business traveler looking for basic annual travel medical coverage. Coverage is good for one year regardless of the number of trips taken, and includes many other benefits to help make your trip more enjoyable. There is trip length restrictions associated with these plans. Annual Multi-trip Evacuation and Flight Accident plans are also available.

Multi-Trip Travel plans are a great investment for the frequent flyer, allows you to minimize annual travel insurance costs.

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Flight Accident (Flight Only AD&D)

Flight accident plans provide accidental death and dismemberment coverage while flying on a commercial airline. Select from up to $1 million in coverage and protect against unexpected accidents that may occur while on, boarding or leaving an aircraft.

It is essential and affordable coverage for you and your family that should be considered with every trip.

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Student Travel Insurance (per trip)

Specifically tailored to meet the travel needs of the international student, these plans may provide coverage for medical expenses, travel delay, missed connections, AD&D as well as 24 hour assistance services and other unique services. Whether a US citizen studying abroad or an international student studying in the United States, student travel plans will safeguard your next class trip, study abroad program, or spring break vacation.

Also provides medical insurance which meets or exceeds the requirements set by the Department of State and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Widely accepted by U.S. universities.

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Schengen Visa (Per trip)

These travel medical plans meet the Schengen Visa requirements will allow Non-U.S. citizens to travel to 15 Schengen countries in Europe. In order to obtain the visa, travelers must show proof that they have sufficient medical coverage to meet the requirements of the Schengen Visa.

The lists of Schengen countries to require the visa are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Once you purchase a travel insurance plan you will get an email confirmation that contains the declaration of medical insurance or certificate of coverage, you can use it as proof to the consulate at the time of the Visa application.

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Air Ticket Insurance (Per trip)

If you are looking to protect yourself against unexpected trip related expenses and not worry about non-refundable airline tickets in the event you cancel your trip, then airline ticket insurance plans may be the answer.

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