U.S. foreign life insurance

Foreign nationals now have numerous options when it comes the U.S. life insurance.  In the early 1980’s that wasn’t the case. As part of a group of New York brokers I recall the day we walked into one the largest insurance company in the United States to ask the president of the company to allow us to sell U.S. Life Insurance to Foreign nationals.

The president of the company interrupted our request by apologizing and explaining that he received a phone call and needed to withdraw from the meeting. Later we learned the reason for his early exit. The truth is that he felt our request was totally out of context and not worth his time.

Ironically, 2 years later we made the same request to a new president of the company and under strict underwriting guidelines we were able to place our first case. This was the beginning. In todays market things are very different. Now the top insurance companies in the United States are competing to earn foreign national business.  Offering the best U.S. life insurance rates to foreign nationals and even extending programs such as Vitality and much more.

U.S. life insurance solutions for foreign nationals:

  • Term Insurance
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Index Universal Life
  • Premium Financing
  • Mortage Protection
  • Buy & Sell

Why foreign nationals seek U.S. Life insurance?

Superior product selection, political and economic stability, lower premiums and confidentiality outside home country are some of the main reasons why.  As a result of high-net worth individuals across the globe who to have ties to the United States via banking or investment relationships, operate businesses, or own secondary residence in the United States seek U.S. life insurance.

Our 40 years of experience gives us strong relationships with the most reputable carriers offering large case placement up to $100 million in tax free benefit.  Contact us by clicking here to learn more about U.S. life insurance for foreign nationals.


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