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If you’re looking for cheap term insurance, look no further.  A term policy is the most affordable type of life insurance policy available.  Term insurance is contracted for a period of time up to 30 years. The policy also offers a unique option to covert the term policy into a permanent one without the medical exam requirement. Although cheap term insurance does not earn interest or dividends, the term policy does offer benefit riders which can enhance your protection.

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An example is Scarlet a 38 year female who’s was able to get $500,000 in”Term Life Insurance” for just $37 a month.

Meet Scarlet a 38 year old health conscious mother of 2 who owns a flower shop in Florida. She was able to obtain a 30 year term policy for only $440 a year with a benefit amount of $500,000.  Scarlet can’t help but feel peace of mind knowing her family is protected if she were to pass unexpectedly due to an accident or illness. Yes, you read correctly, for $500,000 in life insurance coverage for only $37 a month.

The 5 steps to obtaining cheap term insurance:

  1. Click Get Quote
  2. Select term insurance (10yr, to  30yr options)
  3. Complete a brief medical exam (if applicable)
  4. Wait for Insurance underwriters to review your application
  5. After policy approval the insured/applicant can pay the scheduled premium to enforce the policy.

If the insured dies within the term period, the insurance company will pay the death benefit to the beneficiaries of the policy (Ex: Family Member, Trust, or Enterprise)

Advantages of term life insurance:

  • Affordable
  • Level premiums
  • Financial Protection
  • Premium payment remain leveled throughout the duration of the policy.



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